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Maria Laura. 17. Venezuelan.☆☆☆

 So your mom’s a big fan of the show?

 No, she hates it.

"Well, then why should we do anything more than once? Should I just smoke this one cigarette? Maybe we should only have sex once, if it’s the same thing. Should we just watch one sunset? Or live just one day? It’s new every time, each time is a different experience."


I keep seeing posts like ‘RIP Joan Rivers you always made me laugh’ and it just makes me wonder what kind of horrid fucking person could listen to her transphobic, fatphobic, racist nonsense and think it was funny.



Did you guys know that lighters are magic because I didn’t.


Hayao Miyazaki on life

i fucking adore this holy shit this needs more notes

i fucking adore this holy shit this needs more notes


if i stay in bed i’ll be warm

if i get in the shower i’ll also be warm

but the distance between the bed and the shower


that is not warm


men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny

Tiny Hand With Purple Heart